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One great picture is all it takes sometimes to leave a lasting impression on your potential client and even bag a big contract. Good quality pictures, more often than not, reflect how you are trying to portray your brand to the world.

We, at 360 inc, specialize in commercial photography, which will help you grab people’s attention immediately. Highly qualified and experienced photographers with an eye for detail will ensure your best products and your company’s best moments are captured for future development of your business. Since our focus is only on commercial photography, we make sure we are fully committed to every job we take up and deliver the best on time.

The full range of our commercial photography services

  • Commercial photography: To get your business values and identity across to the clients.
  • Industrial photography: Locations, products, machinery, people.
  • Architecture Photography: The built environment; Technical excellence and creativity combined.
  • High resolution photography and digital imaging: Extremely high resolution photographs. Capabilities way beyond traditional large format film. Multi gigabyte sized images.
  • Product photography: Studio and location based product photography.
  • Macro photography: Very small objects.
  • Interior and lifestyle photography: For designers, architects and housing developers, commercial and residential properties.
  • Hotel Photography: To publicize all aspects of your hotel, resort or spa and the services you offer your guests. For print and web use.
  • Restaurant and location based food photography: Food, where it’s made, where it’s served or even where it’s produced. Food photography beyond the studio.
  • Location stills photography: Stills and publicity photography for video shoots.

Panoramas | Virtual Tours

For any good virtual tour, the important element is high-quality photography images. with this major element, additional interface features can be added to make the content more useful and appealing to the audience. Virtual Tours are becoming more accessible all the time.

We provide the following added features in our virtual tours :

  • iOS / html5 compatible. Tours work on all digital devices like computers, tablets & mobiles
  • Custom designed interface for a unique experience
  • Linked hotspot arrows for navigation
  • Sound tracks, ambient sounds or voiceovers
  • Info points and pop-ups to offer more information
  • Includes Google maps or Google satellite images
  • HDR and exposure blending used to capture more light

With an experience of over six years, we have learnt a lot about user experience, best practices and future proofing of virtual tours. Don’t hesitate to get in touch us if you have any queries.

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